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My own doctor was reluctant to help me then a friend introduced me to Body and Mind, I have never looked back, I have been losing an average of 4/5 lbs per week and have dropped two dress sizes already.

—Charlotte from Birmingham

I have been a comfort eater for years and always had difficulty in losing weight, I was referred to Body and Mind who assessed me as an individual and whose doctor set out some medication to help me control my appetite and then together with an exercise plan and a food diet sheet I have lost over a stone since starting with them.

—Rebecca from Nottingham

Having lost a stone and a half over a six week period and as a mother of three my family have been amazed at my success, they now support me and even recognise themselves the benefits that I now enjoy having reached my target weight.

—Anita from Wolverhampton

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In the past, I have tried all sort of fad diets and drink programs but they have never worked long term, Body and Mind have shown me how to balance the way I eat so now I enjoy my food and having reached my target weight, I have been able to maintain it.

—Hazel from Coventry

As a lorry driver I have always struggled with my weight but with the help of Body and Mind I have seen a dramatic change in my lifestyle having now lost a massive two stone in weight, I now exercise on a regular basis, I go to the gym twice a week and I don’t worry about how I look, its great when I can buy clothes that are not XL.

—Lee from Birmingham

So far I have lost 16lbs on my Body and Mind program, I feel better and I know that I look better because of comments from my friends. In my case it was a matter of focus and control of my appetite helped by the medication recommended by the doctor.

—Yvonne from London

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