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Body and Mind incorporating the Birmingham Medical Centre have been based in Birmingham for over 20 years.

Now operating from our new offices in Edgbaston we continue to provide the most effective weight loss products and services to new and existing clients.

We maintain affordable weight loss alternatives specifically designed to each and every individuals’ needs.

Since starting with Body and Mind not only have I lost weight I have gained confidence in myself amongst my friends and work colleagues. I now have a completely new way of life, I am proud of my achievements and I thank everyone for the help and support that I received.

—Jane from Stafford

As a lorry driver I have always struggled with my weight but with the help of Body and Mind I have seen a dramatic change in my lifestyle having now lost a massive two stone in weight, I now exercise on a regular basis, I go to the gym twice a week and I don’t worry about how I look, its great when I can buy clothes that are not XL.

—Lee from Birmingham

So far I have lost 16lbs on my Body and Mind program, I feel better and I know that I look better because of comments from my friends. In my case it was a matter of focus and control of my appetite helped by the medication recommended by the doctor.

—Yvonne from London

We give an initial free of charge assessment by a private doctor, ongoing reassessments are also free of charge, there are no long term contracts and no ongoing costs, the only cost involvement is for prescription medication, if prescribed.

All of our staff are experienced with the difficulties of being overweight and are continually assessed and provided with ongoing training.

We welcome all people who struggle with overweight issues and guarantee to support them even after achieving target weight.

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“We operate an open door policy for weight checks where all of our facilities can be used to monitor progress”

The majority of our clients want to share their success with family and friends and often recommend Body and Mind to them, as a reward we offer a “cash back” thank you scheme that has always proven popular.